Mobile Denture Repairs


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I know that people are currently worried about the threat of Coronavirus and are practicing social distancing or self isolation.

The added stress of a broken denture is the one thing you DO NOT need to worry about though.

We still offer our MOBILE service but this has been modified with the current crisis. We DO NOT have any contact with you and we WILL NOT come into your home. We will phone you when we arrive and request that the dentures be placed in a bag and left on the doorstep. We collect the dentures and disinfect them, The repair is then carried out and the dentures are then disinfected again and placed in a clean bag back on your doorstep, this takes around 30 minutes. We will then call you to let you know it is done.   Payment is to be left outside for us to collect. Payment types are now Cash, Cheque or bank transfer. We cannot offer card payments as we need close proximity for this.

These safeguards are for your protection as well as my own.

We still offer a NO FIX,NO FEE policy.

Regards Simon Morgan

Mobile Denture Repairs

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